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Travel In Time In The Time Travel Mart

This eclectic little shop is so much fun. The Time Travel Mart located on Echo Park & Mar Vista (Los Angeles) is a convenience store with everything you need to travel back and forth in time, such as fresh dinosaur eggs, mammoth chunks, or a new toupee for your robot.

No, it’s not just for kids. Adults also love time travel.

Travel In Time In The Time Travel Mart

What’s really cool about this convenience model is that it’s affiliated with 826LA. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children develop their writing skills. All earnings from the sales of Time Travel Mart go to this organization, and there is also a tutoring room behind a secret door in the back of the store.

Whenever you are, we’re already then. The store was established in an unknown year and dimension (the exact details have been heroically lost to a black hole). Temporally speaking, we opened our doors in Echo Park in 2008, and Mar Vista in 2012. But that doesn’t really matter because we pride ourselves on being the only Los Angeles purveyor of quality goods from the past, present, and future. It’s painted on our storefront, so there”.



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