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E.A.Poets Approves/Bands We Like – Tritriren

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Tritriren. I discovered this band while shuffling songs on Spotify and I loved the energy of their songs.

This band is not here to play games!

These guys propose a hard, dry and sharp music. A perfect mix between the screaming voice and the distorted guitars pushing together with the drums.

You can immediately notice the musical prowess of these musicians because the continuous changes of rhythm show a technique overwhelming in the execution of the songs.

Nothing is obvious in the musical part, Tritriren enjoy complicating their lives with innovative rhythmic and melodic solutions.

The production of the songs is perfect and the mix very well balanced.

A Metal, Hardcore, Screamo, Hard Rock that you don’t expect to come from Paris that is such a romantic city.

But if you think about it, in 1789 the revolution started in Paris and Tritriren’s music would have been perfect to accompany the taking of the Bastille.

Insert Sad Quote Here is Tritriren’s Album Out Now!

From France with grudge and power!


Ali Horn · End Credits

Rarely being stuck in a room has sounded so manic and urgent. Known for his work with the french post-hardcore outfit Maps and Foils, Tristan Renet has been quiet busy raging behind the mic for the last couple of years. But when the local scene got severely hit by the Lockdown, it was finally time to bring back his solo project.

After anchoring the compilation of his past work “Kill All EPs” in the digital sea, Tristan aka Tritriren throws a last punch at 2020 with his fourth album “Insert Sade Quote Here”.

From the ominous organs of Shore I to the rabid screams of Sigmund Fraud, the music is fueled with metal riffs and catchy melodies while the everlasting romantism of its post-hardcore roots is getting bleaker and darker. A few months ago, it was all about reviving the fire inside. Now, it is time to burn it all down.

Find Tritriren Here:


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