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Truth Be Told is Cam Cole’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Cam Cole and his single Truth Be Told.

Truth Be Told is Cam Cole’s Single

This is the music I like…the sound of the renegades who run away in the desert riding their Harley.

As I hit the play button and the guitar riff filled the room my arm went up with horns pointing skyward.

In Cam Cole flows the sacred fire of rock and this music is therapeutic. In a world where most artists rely on beats and computers, there are still those who spit blood on the guitar and search for true emotions.

Cam Cole’s music isn’t made of plastic… this is the real deal.

I instantly became a fan of this artist and I also loved the video clip…pure rock and roll.

Surely we are dealing with a musician with a great compositional experience behind him and with a solid and mature artistic vision.

Absolutely recommended to everyone!

Truth Be Told is Cam Cole’s Single Out Now!

Pure Energy!

Truth Be Told is Cam Cole’s Single

Truth Be Told was originally written about a decade ago when I first started playing on streets in London. I could never get the song recorded right and there have been about 6 versions previously and none of them captured what I had in my head. It took me discovering this new guitar in a shop in London that had this light, upbeat tone and rearranging some lyrics for it to finally click. We recorded it in the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales and when I got the song back from my producer Markus Stretz and our mastering engineer Brian Lucey (who worked with The Black Keys) I finally heard the sound coming out of the speakers I always had in mind for it. It won’t change the world but I hope it gets people that will change the world off their ass and starting their day with a big fat grin on their face.

It’s the first single of 4 we will release leading up to my new album coming summer 2023 and it really captures what it will be all about: Confident vibes with guitar music that gets you moving. Can’t wait for people to hear it…it took long enough..” – Cam Cole

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