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Turn To Rust is AUS!Funkt’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Band

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands that we find around the web. Today’s featured band is AUS!Funkt and their album Turn To Rust. This is music for the people of the night.

Turn To Rust is AUS!Funkt’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Band

Wake up vampires it’s time to dance.

The twilight sound of AUS! Funkt spoke to my soul right away. I felt like I was wandering the streets of London on a foggy day.

Jack the ripper could be hiding in every corner and inside me, I was singing “I wanna hide”.

The charm of this music is undeniable. A hypnotic and mysterious sound that seems to hide a secret.

The artistic influences of this band are many. In their music, I heard nuances of Prodigy, Depeche Mode, and even the Cure and the Clash.

A fascinating mix that kept me glued to the speakers.

Turn To Rust is made up of solid songs and a coherent artistic vision.

I instantly became a fan of this band also because they accompany their songs with fantastic and visionary videos.

10 out of 10!

Turn To Rust is AUS!Funkt’s Album Out Now!

Innovative and Visionary!

Turn To Rust is AUS!Funkt’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Band

AUS!Funkt is a Toronto based art-disco-post-punk quartet conceived in the jam session neo-laboratory.

Rejecting the lyrical and musical excesses of rock music, AUS!Funkt combines the groove of electronic music with the subversive aggression of post-punk. The lyrics, spoken and sung, provoke the mind with their realism and repetition. Electronic beats seduce the body into movement, freeing it from its torpor. On top, the guitar spurts out clouds of noise, while the bass supplies the melody. AUS!Funkt assaults the senses and uneases the mind while you dance to its unsettling disco beats.

Find AUS!Funkt Here:


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