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Two Magic Symphonies is Kingfisher’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Kingfisher and their album Two Magic Symphonies. I found this Band on Spotify and the atmosphere created by their music intrigued me.

Two Magic Symphonies is Kingfisher’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets

The sound of this band is very interesting.

For some reason, as soon as I hit the play button, images from the Trainspotting movie came to mind. Perhaps because of the fast-paced “Get Away” song that introduces the album.

This band has a compositional style that lives between past and future. I’ve heard influences from Depeche Mode, Cold Play, Clash, U2 etc. U2, mainly for the sound and the guitar riffs.

This mix of ingredients manages to create a unique style that makes this band stand out from the crowd.

All the songs on the album are solid and carry energy that feels like that of a bottle of champagne about to be uncorked.

Kingfisher give the idea of being a mature band with a developed artistic taste and a strong compositional experience.

A band capable of entertaining and making you dance.

Two Magic Symphonies is Kingfisher’s Album Out Now!

Fresh and Modern!

Two Magic Symphonies is Kingfisher’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets

Kingfisher was born on a late winter day in April 2019, with the snow lingering on in Sweden’s student capital, Uppsala. Composed of an extrovert Italian drummer (Nich) and an introvert Colombian guitarist and vocalist (Julian), we are anything but usual. Time and distance separated us; music unites us.

​We care about the present and the future generations, therefore our overarching theme is the environment. This means that we pursue living our music career in a sustainable manner.

Find Kingfisher Here:


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