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Ultraviolet Catastrophe is The Lamplighter’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is The Lamplighter and his album Ultraviolet Catastrophe.

Ultraviolet Catastrophe is The Lamplighter’s Album

The compositional style of this artist is truly fascinating.

It is evident that we are dealing with a musician with a great compositional experience behind him which has allowed him to mix many genres and influences in a single sound blend.

The Lamplighter with this album wants to make a statement and move away from commercial music to stimulate the listener to open his mind toward new musical horizons.

The chord progression of all these tunes is intricate, wild, and free. The Lamplighter is not afraid to walk on artistic paths never traveled before.

The choice of sounds is accurate and favors psychedelic atmospheres that recall in some moments the rock of the 70s which however includes modern nuances that make this style stand out from the crowd.

I recommend everyone to go listen to Ultraviolet Catastrophe, my two favorite tracks are Shiny Shoes and The Grinder but I have to say all the songs are solid. Truly a great job!

Ultraviolet Catastrophe is The Lamplighter’s Album Out Now!

Wild and Unique!

Ultraviolet Catastrophe is The Lamplighter’s Album

The Lamplighter is one person, David Sanchez, with 4 instruments influenced by late 60’s and 70’s funk, rock and soul 90’s alternative and desert fuzz.

After spending years playing countless shows in Hollywood throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s supporting bands chasing commercial dreams, the energy was refocused into creativity & music that deters from the norm. After relocating to Olympia Washington, the sole creator writes performs and records all the music which has birthed this project titled “Ultraviolet Catastrophe” released 4/23/2022.

The music is created using drums, bass, keyboards and guitar. “At breakneck speed, the bizarre, unique, unstoppable The Lamplighter bursts into the stereo system.” (Indie Boulevard Magazine). Starting my endeavor and relatively unknown with indie radio station air plays on “Front Range Radio”, “Bandwagon Network Radio”, Florida’s “Power 91”, Japans “Color Red Radio” with Mike Rogers and “Banks Radio Australia”. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Last FM and all streaming platforms. Popular tracks are 6 o’clock jump & Mancebo

Find The Lamplighter Here:


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  1. Great review! This Album is outstanding! Thanks for the share!

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