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Unconditional Love is Vince Chinaski’s Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Band

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands that we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is Vince Chinaski and his single Unconditional Love. I already reviewed this artist in the past but I liked also this new tune and I want to share my opinion about it.

Unconditional Love is Vince Chinaski’s Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Band

The compositional refinement of this artist is reconfirmed in this new song. The new single Unconditional Love is an intimate and atmospheric track.

As I was listening to it I closed my eyes and saw myself on a train looking out the window. The blurry lights of the city and the slowly falling raindrops helped me travel in thoughts.

The hypnotic cadence of the rhythm and the eighties pads mixed with modern harmonic intuition make this sound absolutely charming and original.

Vince Chinaski is a mature artist who proves again to have great compositional experience behind him.

I really like his music and artistic vision and I recommend everyone to put an eye on his project.

Unconditional Love is Vince Chinaski’s Single Out Now!


Unconditional Love is Vince Chinaski’s Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Band

Vince Chinaski is a one-man-band project, indie-folk at its core, cinematic on the fringe, alternative in between. It’s a home where the stories unfold at their own pace. The lyrics are inspired by existential themes, filtered through personal experience and Vince’s tragicomic vision of the world.

Born and raised in Rome, now settled in Copenhagen, Vince spent several years in Berlin where he honed his chops recording, producing and touring extensively across Europe with The Innits (Sunday Service Records), The Man No. 9 (Haute Areal Records), the Zürich-based Division Kent (Sony BMG).

Unconditional Love rolls on a slow-funk groove, lightly tripping through 70’s pop-rock, soul-rock and prog- synths to recount a story of rebound, acceptance and forgiveness.

Find Vince Chinaski Here:


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