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Under Delusion are back with Awaken

Good Day Noir Family,
Under Delusion are back with a new song. This time the song is titled “Awaken” and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts about it.

Every time I hear this magnetic voice I get excited. It is a timbre that you do not expect so full of nuances and passion that it keeps you glued to the speakers.

Certainly, the voice is the hallmark of Under Delusion.

Their nostalgic melodies make you imagine walking the streets of beautiful Moscow on a snowing day.

One of those days where you just want to be alone and feel free and where your only friend is Vodka.

The new single Awaken in some passages reminded me of Rammstein, obviously in a softer version but the melodic line and the rhythmic cadence made me think of Till Lindemann’s band.

These guys continue to amaze and produce great songs.

Awaken is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now!

Nostalgic and Hypnotic!


7th single by emerging rock band Under Delusion. Dark melodic rock with meaningful lyrics.

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