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Under Glacial is Hounds Haul’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Hounds Haul in the past but they are back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Under Glacial is Hounds Haul’s Single

The pads that introduce this song immediately create an intriguing atmosphere.

Then the groove starts and you are sucked into a sci-fi universe. Frames from Blade Runner flashed before my eyes…this song would have been perfect as a soundtrack to that movie.

The industrial nuances mixed with epic arrangements make this music particularly suitable for movies.

As I was listening to Under Glacial I saw hordes of Humanoids raising their fists to the sky following the kick as they prepared for the final battle.

Hounds Haul once again demonstrate their compositional talent… this song grows slowly and then explodes in the grand finale.

Already from the first time I listened to Hounds Haul I was pretty impressed by their music but I must say that they managed to raise the bar even more.

Under Glacial is Hounds Haul’s Single Out Now!

Pure Intensity!

Under Glacial is Hounds Haul’s Single

“We’ve been gone for a while figuring out our next move, and we feel it’s now ready to release our three part musical combo. This PT.1 song starts off the journey of The Odyssey EP (which will release after PT.3)

This song is a darker side to the band, focusing on heavy riffs with huge crescendoing highs at every turn. The collection of all three songs intwine effortlessly together bringing a dramatic cinematic experience.”

Founded in Buckinghamshire late 2019, Hounds Haul started as the brain child for years of accumulated work by Frontman Adam Bosworth. Instead of going solo, Adam went in search of like minded musicians to help bring his work to life.

Adam was put into contact with fellow Buckinghamshire musician, bass player Jamie Smith. Adam sent Jamie early versions of songs Riviera and Capital, and Jamie, a big fan of 80s post punk and synth wave was hooked straight away describing it as ‘Depeche Mode meets Tame Impala’. Synth & keys player Rien De Keyser and Alex Ablett on lead guitar joined the band after. Rien, a classically trained pianist has an ear for the unusual, the avant-garde and a wide range of musical tastes. Alex also has a wide variety of musical interests with a particular love for heavy rock.

Find Hounds Haul Here:


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