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Unicorn Of Death Is The New Single Of I Am The Unicorn Head

Good Day Noir Family,
Unicorn Of Death is the new single of this cool band I am the Unicorn Head let’s check it out.

Another difficult song to label, I Am The Unicorn Head always manage to raise the bar by letting us see fragments of the future.

In a world that is moving in full swing towards NFTs and Cryptos, I see this band very well inserted in this new world.

They are up with the times and offer experimental, futuristic, and visionary music. In my opinion, they are able to interpret the vibes of the world today with their music and their videos.

Although the video reminded me of Megaloman more than Godzilla, a Japanese show from the 70s, their way of reinterpreting that kind of superhero is absolutely innovative.

I am a fan of this band and am curious to hear what they will produce in the future.

Unicorn Of Death is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now!



Quote: “Our new single is a tribute to 1960’s ‘Godzilla’ type monster movies. The track has it’s own mini movie, as a music video.  The narrative is about a peace loving Unicorn who gets captured by sinister forces. They implant a microchip in his brain, mount lasers to his head, and turn him into a brutal killing machine. A tale as old as time!”.

Find I am the Unicorn Head Here:


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