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Unsolid is Molosser’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Molosser are back with a new song “Unsolid“…this is the last single of the month for this extraordinary duo.

Perhaps among the 4 singles proposed by Molosser in the Barebones Sessions this is the one I liked the most.

Their compositional style is unmistakable, the sinuous and magical melody of Unsold has the ability to hypnotize you as a trainer does with a cobra.

This music hides something ancestral, it’s like a call from the forest that seems to tell the human race to focus on the things that really matter.

The Molossers are connected with a parallel dimension and are the spokespersons of the true emotions that are felt in this universe so close but at the same time so far from us.

Unsolid is Molosser’s Single Out Now!



Unsolid (Barebones Sessions) is the fourth and final single/video of the series, all released during January 2022. This song is a favourite of both listeners and Molosser themselves, something that has not prevented them from reshaping the album version quite a bit. Here, the decidedly jazzy vocals bounce off a just as jazzy, just as bouncy bassline, hovering over a dark, hypnotic riff. The instrumental interlude, has taken on a rougher, more bluesy vibe and overall, more air and energy has been introduced into this dynamic piece.

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