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Until I Met U is ettie’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed ettie in the past but this eclectic artist is back with a new cool single Until I Met U and I want to share my opinion about it.

Until I Met U is ettie’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The free and rebellious spirit of this artist is reconfirmed also in this new song.

A very energetic, catchy Rock/Punk interpreted flawlessly by ettie.

The vocal timbre of this artist is very interesting. An instinctive and sincere voice, perfect for this kind of music in my opinion. As you listen to this ettie’s songs, you realize her passion for music.

Somehow she manages to put her soul and heart into her music. You can feel her personality. This artist is not afraid to say what she thinks and says it directly with no strings attached.

This direct and honest approach reveals the rock spirit that fills the veins of this artist and pushes her to follow her unique musical vision.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

Until I Met U is ettie’s Single Out Now!

Free and Direct!

Until I Met U is ettie’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

ettie is anxious, gay, caffeinated, and one of the most promising new artists on the queer-pop scene. As an English Literature graduate and connoisseur of millennial angst, she has a talent for playing with words to create a unique brand of storytelling.

Following the viral success of ettie’s daring single “I’m Sorry to my Exes” from her debut EP “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, in which she decries the games she played with her ex-boyfriends considering she literally ‘plays for the other team’, ettie is running with celebrating her identity, her queerness, and above all, love.

“Until I Met U” channels the energetic sound and celebration of emotion found in 00s pop-punk, where love can pull you out of the darkest places. The song was co-written with pop mastermind Steven Chase (BMI), and produced by Jennings Couch.

With influences stretching from Hailey Williams, Avril Lavigne and Pale Waves, to the 00s boybands of her past, ettie’s music is quintessentially honest and independently exciting.

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