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Up and Ran is Niamh McKinney’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Niamh McKinney in the past but this artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Up and Ran is Niamh McKinney’s Single

The guitar arpeggio fell on me like spring rain.

Niamh McKinney’s voice took me back in time. I saw women dressed in white dancing barefoot on a lawn. Although this song has obvious ethnic influences it has been expertly developed in a modern way by this artist.

In fact, the chorus reminded me of Bjork, a really interesting blend that literally bewitched me.

In my opinion, Niamh McKinney is incredibly talented and Spotify and other platforms should give her a lot of visibility. The world needs this music, an original and different artistic vision that has the ability to inspire the listener.

Up and Ran is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in recent times.

10 out of 10!

Up and Ran is Niamh McKinney’s Single Out Now!

Just Fantastic!

Up and Ran is Niamh McKinney’s Single

Singer/songwriter Niamh McKinney just released a new single, “Up and Ran.” A steady folk feel is fortified with modern production, while Niamh’s distinct voice floats and flurries overtop, creating a unique neo-trad sound.
The third single from the budding artist, “Up and Ran” captures the feeling of freedom, escape, and sheer elation to be found in running. Not only can it bring joy, it can also help us to transcend our difficulties and struggles through improved mental health. “Up and Ran” describes this addictive rush of endorphins, and is inspired by the beautiful countryside of Wicklow.

Niamh McKinney is a singer-songwriter from Wicklow. Niamh writes all of her lyrics and melodies a capella, to which her husband and musical partner Stephen McKinney crafts intuitive, artful accompaniments which interweave seamlessly with the songs, elevating them to their full power.
Poetically rich, both lyrically and melodically, Niamh’s heart-rending, sometimes haunting songs draw on stories and life experience, captivating by way of their ethereal sense of urgency and foreboding. Her melodies and lyrics are inspired by the beauty of the rural landscapes of Wicklow where she grew up and lives still and are heavily influenced by folk and traditional Irish music.

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