Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | UTYLGO is Hello Amnesia's Single
UTYLGO is Hello Amnesia’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,

UTYLGO is the new single of Hello Amnesia…another wild rock ride!

UTYLGO is Hello Amnesia’s Single

This band always manages to raise the bar.

Their sound transfers contagious vital energy because this is real music.

The guitar riff is killer and the vocal interpretation absolutely fantastic. These guys have a musical chemistry that feels like the drop of Chanel perfume that Marylin Monroe “wore” before going to bed.

A sexy and mature sound… the song empties around 1:50 minutes for a bridge with a 70s flavor and then the guitarist indulges in an exceptional hard rock/prog solo.

Hello Amnesia are great musicians there is no doubt about it. I don’t know if Spotify is asleep but these guys deserve to be put in the editorial playlists to give them more visibility.

They will do great things in the future I’m sure… their music is rad!

UTYLGO is Hello Amnesia’s Single Out Now!

Ready For The World!

UTYLGO is Hello Amnesia’s Single

Blistering new single from Hello Amnesia’s upcoming EP, showcasing a more mature sonic identity – proving that this band has a broad musical capability, destined for big stages in the years to come!

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