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Vicious Cycles is Releaser’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Releaser and their single Vicious Cycles. I found this band on Spotify and I was fascinated by their sound.

Vicious Cycles is Releaser’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The enigmatic and powerful music of this band intrigued me.

This compositional style is different from the usual. These guys mixed elements from various different genres. The drums push like in punk while the vocal line recalls more melodic bands. The guitars venture into powerful riffs that keep the tension high for the entire duration of the track.

The combination of all these ingredients has created an absolutely original musical recipe.

The production is professional and the new single Vicious Cycles is engaging from the first second to the end.
Surely we are faced with musicians with extensive experience behind them as their sound is mature.

I feel that the Releasers are on the right track to getting noticed by the general public around the world.

Vicious Cycles is Releaser’s Single Out Now!

Direct and Sincere!

Vicious Cycles is Releaser’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Chicago’s Releaser joined with the common goal to deliver you the highest quality songwriting and live performances that their decades of collective grind and musical discipline could muster. Stephen, Andre, and Jeremy saw in each other the pieces that had been missing in previous projects. With a different atmosphere of talent and trust, a new culture revealed itself: like-minded and hardworking, where the only band leader is the song.

Stephen’s vocal melodies capture the spotlight in every rock-influenced tune. The guitars and drums are perpetual and compelling. The lyrical content is honest – something too many artists have abandoned in favor of the easier route of sounding likeable. The integral part of Releaser’s message spans difficult yet relatable subject matter. Being unafraid to share and connect with others who’ve had similar experiences is the cornerstone of the group’s collective character.

After debuting their EP, Retox, and sharing the bill with national acts like Local H, Filter, Lucky Boys Confusion and The Spill Canvas, Releaser spent the pandemic period controlling what they could control. Unable to play in front of fans, Releaser reached their audience from a sound stage with a professionally-filmed live stream performance. The band then recorded and shot a video for Richard Marx’s Should’ve Known Better, which elicited personal props and a share by Marx himself.

In 2022, the group presents their fourth video, Vicious Cycles: a racing, pounding plea for reprieve that will get your motor runnin’.

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