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Vincent is Burton’s Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe

Long before Nightmare Before Christmas, long before Frankenweenie, and even before the partnership with Selick there was Vincent (1982): Tim Burton’s first stop motion short film, made when he was only 24 years old.

Vincent is Burton’s Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe

The story is that of Vincent Malloy, a seven-year-old boy who pretends to be actor Vincent Price (original voice actor for the short).

Vincent is only apparently a normal child, in reality, he does experiments on his dog Abercrombie, he is obsessed with the stories of Edgar Allan Poe and his detachment from reality leads him to delusional behavior and to believe that he is a tormented artist, deprived of the woman he loves.

Vincent, in just five minutes, can tell the creative genius of Tim Burton and his very particular art. It is all summed up in those two opening lines that introduce the protagonist of this short: “Vincent Malloy is a good boy, for his age he has very rare virtues, but he wants to be like Vincent Price”.

A melancholy vision, but never pessimistic, which with an attentive look has been able to consecrate its cinema to “different” and “strange” characters, “weirdos” that are familiar with sadness.

In Burtons’ movies, you can always find an irony that always manages how to “resize” everything, even suffering, as in the case of this short film that makes fun of the child’s torment, a mirror of the author’s restless art.

Vincent is Burton’s Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe

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