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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Volk

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Volk. I discovered this artist while shuffling songs on Youtube and I was fascinated by her passionate singing.

What a great music that Volk offer us, irreverent and energetic, finally some real rock ‘n roll without unnecessary nuances.

Strong and direct music that keeps you glued to the speakers until the end.

They present themselves to the world in a lineup that reminds me of the White Stripes. Eleot pushing on the drums and Chris unleashing himself on the guitar.

This band is not here to mess around, their music puts you in a good mood but their lyrics are direct and sincere.

Perfect mix and production of the songs, a good balance that makes these sound a real pleasure to listen to.

A band definitely recommended, a band needed in this period of time where the melodies have become very softened.

This rock is a healthy touch for the soul.

Welcome to Cashville is Volk’s Single Out Now!

Rock without strings attached!


VOLK (Nashville, TN, USA) is a Molotov Cocktail of snarling RocknRoll attitude blended with cocksure Country Swagger. Chris (guitars, vox) and Eleot (drums, vox) take audiences to church each show, making true believers out of the doubting Thomas’ who couldn’t conceive before how a duo could explode with such dynamics and heaviness, rivaling those of four or five piece bands — all the while the while performing as if undergoing an exorcism. Vying for the honor of Hell’s Honky Tonk house band, VOLK perfectly meld the over the top rock antics of Queen and Van Halen with a Grand Ol Opry aesthetic and Dolly Parton like charm. VOLK is ZZ/DC meets Carter/Cash.

Never before has this visual and sonic cacophony been encapsulated before as in Welcome to Cashville, the first single off of their debut album, Cashville. This song is a literal pop right in the genre of the modern music industry monolith. This song is loud, obnoxious, messy and overconfident, resurrecting the very core of what defines RocknRoll; a middle finger to the establishment. From the outset of the song screeching guitars and thunderous drums lock you in and rocket you off, until the crescendo of a literal fireworks display ending. Overlaid on the bedlam are Eleot and Chris’ sarcastic musings on the state of the music industry and live music, harkening back to biting wit of the Dixie Chicks and Waylon Jennings.

Folks, 2020 is a year that has been as welcome as a skunk at a picnic, and sometimes you just need some blown out speakers blasting some true blue rocknroll to vent out your frustrations. Folks: Welcome to Cashville is the vent.



Find Volk Here:


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