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Walk Inside a Van Gogh’s Painting – Immersive Experience

Have you ever thought of entering a painting by Vincent van Gogh? Lie back and admire the famous starry vault or stroll through the golden cornfields while the crows take flight?

The “Van Gogh Immersive Experience” exhibition allows the visitor to experience an immersive experience in the Dutch painter’s imagination, among his energetic yellows, deep blues and those brushstrokes that seem to come out of the canvas. During the duration of the exhibition (about an hour) the walls and ceilings seem to come to life, taking on the color of van Gogh’s most famous paintings.

This is made possible thanks to an innovative 3D mapping system that uses fifty very high-resolution screens. To complete the immersive experience there is an exciting soundtrack, which accompanies the visitor on this journey through fields of wheat, bedrooms with straw chairs, small French villages and starry nights.

If you want to know more about this artist, we recommend you to see the film “Loving Vincent”, which tells, with an absolutely innovative technique, the last days of the Dutch master’s life.

More and more often the big cities host multimedia exhibitions on great artists such as Klimt, Caravaggio, Chagall, and Van Gogh. If on the one hand the purists criticize these events considering them a “spectacularization of art, realized only with the aim of marketing ”, on the other hand, the numbers and the enthusiasm of the public show that there is a desire to approach art, perhaps in a less academic but more involving way. Find More Info Here: https://vangoghexpo.com/

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