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Walls Fall Down is Electric High’s New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
Electric High are back with a new Ep. I was eagerly waiting for new music from them and today I finally got the good news.

Walls Fall Down is Electric High’s New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

This new work by one of the best rock bands around these days is a reaffirmation of their talent.

The Ep consists of 3 songs already released by the band in the past and 2 new ones.

The song that struck me the most is definitely ‘Have I Ever Let You Down’. In my opinion, this tune demonstrates the great compositional ability of this band.

The sinister melody in some moments reminded me of Alice Cooper’s atmosphere. The rhythmic cadence is heavy and solid and made me imagine riding an elephant in India while hunting the tiger. The shocking thing is that I then realized that I was the tiger’s prey and not vice versa.

The ending of the song is brilliant psychedelic and stimulates your pineal gland making you open the third eye.

Then after this ancestral experience, Electric High decided to put Fire, a song that I had already listened to and which reminds me a little of Aerosmith.

It goes without saying that all the songs are fantastic and the Ep has been thought out very well and manages to give you the right emotions at the right time.

The song that gives the title to the Ep Walls Fall Down’ is more catchy and radio friendly and is perfect to open this musical product.

I repeat once again this band should already be around the world entertaining millions of people.

Walls Fall Down is Electric High’s Ep Out Now!

Horns Up!

Walls Fall Down is Electric High’s New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

Times, they are a’changing, and walls fall down all around. Let’s tear down the walls that separate and alienate. But sometimes tearing down walls makes space for new walls that are even stronger and harder to break down. Maybe some walls are better left standing?

Judging from the beginning, the title track, Walls Fall Down, seems like an easygoing, airy little piece of melodic rock, carried by a catchy guitar theme and a steady drum beat. But as usual, Electric High won’t leave it at that. The song takes flight into a huge refrain, that invites everyone to join in. It moves on to a relentless, hard-rocking bridge part that really gets everyone’s blood pumping, with the two singers PV Staff and Olav Iversen putting their pipes to the test, chanting about twisted symphonies and a passion for wannabes. After a second verse and chorus, the band returns to the bridge with an energy that really makes the walls tremble, topped off with solos from both guitarist Marius Mørch and bass-player Einride Torvik. Electric High flies off into a final massive chorus, that really sounds like the walls are falling down upon them. But they come out steadily in the end, and close off with the song’s catchy guitar theme.

Besides the title track, the EP includes three previously released tracks, plus another brand new song. The second new track, peculiarly entitled Have I Ever Let You Down? is an eerie dose of horror rock, that builds from a quiet start, clearly inspired by Bowie at his darkest and most psychedelic. The chorus, however, gives you the full weight of Electric High’s power, with one of the band’s heaviest outputs so far. Singers Olav Iversen and PV Staff shift between slightly psychotic to completely deranged, while Have I Ever Let You Down? twists and turns between grim and frantic instrumental parts and extreme dynamics. It dives abruptly from complete disharmonic lunacy to an extremely subtle, but still freaky second verse, before the crazy freight train starts rolling again, and goes further and further out of control before it eventually derails with a bang.

The title track, Walls Fall Down, was recorded in Havnelageret Studio, Bergen, Norway, produced by Electric High and mixed by Daniel Birkeland. The other four tracks were recorded in Solslottet Studio, Bergen, Norway, produced by Electric High and Iver Sandøy. Many more releases from Electric High will follow in 2022.

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