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Wanna Be is Apple Shakers’ Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Apple Shakers are back with a new song titled Wanna Be…are you ready for this experience? 

Wanna Be is Apple Shakers’ Single | Indie Music

The feeling of freedom that the music of this duo manages to transfer me is also confirmed in this beautiful song.

Try to imagine yourself driving a Volkswagen Westfalia towards Woodstock in the company of a group of Hippies. This song would be the perfect soundtrack.

The Apple Shakers have the gift of speaking to the listener’s soul and their music is able to stimulate neuronal impulses that develop oneiric visions. Every time I listen to their music I am catapulted into a parallel limbo and my fantasy begins to travel to unknown worlds.

Wanna Be is a beautiful rock song, with an ingenious harmonic progression that distinguishes the compositional style of this talented duo.

Absolutely Reconfirmed.

Wanna Be is Apple Shakers’ Single Out Now!


Wanna Be is Apple Shakers’ Single | Indie Music

Wanna Be is a track that empowers scared and tormented souls. Lyrically the track embodies the delta blues mentality, “I feel like me today”, “I live for bringing high society down to me”. The delivery of these words come from a self assured and empowered place, spreading that very feeling to the listener. There is a modern sentiment that takes a lot from the “self love” movement but incorporates old school melodies, attitude and delivery. The instrumentation is raw and powerful, no thrills here just all out balls! Apple Shakers have played this at various shows and it never fails to bring a smile to those watching, it’s a song that will make you move your feet.

Apple Shakers are an Alt-Rock duo from East London. Formed in late 2019, the band have quickly gathered a loyal London fan base, priding themselves on playing every show offered to them to constantly get their music in front of new eyes and ears.

A two-piece band with a sound big enough to fill arenas, Apple Shakers live show is truly unfor- gettable, never failing to warm even the most stubborn audiences to their slick rock n roll vibe. A true sight that you have to see.

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