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Washed Away is Ollie Twohill’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
that the heart of this artist is big was already evident from the beautiful songs he produced in the past.

Washed Away is Ollie Twohill’s Single

Today Ollie Twohill raises the bar even higher by making a song for the flood victims. A tragedy that affected this artist’s hometown.

Having the delicacy to deal with such a touching subject makes this artist stand out from the crowd.

The song perfectly describes the intense atmosphere that you feel in those difficult situations. Strong emotions merge and feelings of helplessness coexist with hope and the desire to react.

Ollie Twohill’s energetic performance transfers the strength needed to get up while the melody reminds us that what happened is something tragic anyway.

Truly a beautiful song, which in some moments gave me emotions similar to Generator by Bad Religion…a completely different style but with a common atmosphere.

Truly a beautiful song with a meaningful message!

Washed Away is Ollie Twohill’s Single Out Now!

Deep and Powerful!

Washed Away is Ollie Twohill’s Single

“Washed Away” was written in response to the catastrophic floods of 2022 that effected my hometown of Murwillumbah and progressively throughout Australia for the past 12 months.

During the cleanup phase, I was working in a local bottle shop (liquor store) which was one of the few shops open in town. For seven days, there was limited power, no internet, no access to banks and limited food supplies. At night after cleaning up all day, people would meet up at the hotel to have a feed and drink and share their stories and experiences. I had scores of customers tell me that their house being completely inundated, damaged and lost contents. For some the only thing they were able to salvage was a pair of dry board shorts, or an electronic device. It was heartbreaking …. it was a very an emotional period for everyone – these stories inspired me to write “Washed Away”.

This song is dedicated to all communities affected by the 2022 flood events. This is a story that had to be told. Hopefully “Washed Away” conveys what it felt like at the time from a flood victims’ perspective.

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