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Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are) Xander Milne Remix is Tally Koren’s New Single & Video

Good Day Noir Family,
Tally Koren is back with a new must-watch video, are you ready for the experience?

Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are) Xander Milne Remix is Tally Koren’s New Single & Video

Let yourself be carried away by the groove and be enchanted by the sinuous movements of this sensual artist.

The video perfectly describes the mood of this song. The collaboration between Tally Koren and Xander Milne for this remix is really successful.

This version makes you want to travel and feel free. Tally Koren’s dress and the scrolling images help you to fly away from this reality.

The artist merges with the images becoming the expression of freedom.

I had already enjoyed Tally Koren’s vision in the past but in this song and video, I saw a step forward. I believe that this artist has found her way to express her emotions in this perfect marriage between images and music.

I enjoyed the experience and I advise all of you to do the same, watch this video and get carried away by this music.

Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are) Xander Milne Remix is Tally Koren’s New Single & Video Out Now!


Koren’s video provides a sensual cinematic backdrop to a remix of her track ‘Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are)’ by Xander Milne – renowned producer and collaborator of Tensnake, Cassius, Groove Armada & Todd Edwards.

On her last trip to Eilat in Israel, Koren travelled to her hometown of Haifa via Highway 90, that runs from Eilat border with Egypt on the Red Sea, to the Northern border of Lebanon, by bus. Koren notes “I hadn’t seen that stunning views the Arava Valley for years & years, ever since I’ve been living in the UK really! I just had to capture it!”

Upon returning to the UK, Koren decided to lay the raw iPhone footage of the desert highway over a video of her dancing in her kitchen in London (filmed by Boyd Skinner) – the effect is contrasting. The pace of the desert road outstretching, set against the sense of solo contentment felt through Koren’s movements, manages to simultaneously reflect Koren’s personal lyrical direction and provide a fittingly upbeat visual to Milne’s pop score.

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