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We! is Bromsen’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bromsen are back with a new single to celebrate their long friendship.

We! is Bromsen’s Single Out Now

The vintage and crepuscular atmospheres are reconfirmed in this song too.

The melody is contagious, the chorus makes you want to sing along with the singer.

The arpeggiator in the verse reminded me of Alphaville. It is able to stimulate your nervous system and you begin to dance following the groove.

The dynamic construction of the song is articulated with intriguing rhythmic and melodic variations.

I have noticed that Bromsen’s Spotify streams are growing and in my opinion, they deserve it as they offer coherent and professionally produced music.

Their artistic vision is in step with the times as there is this return to the 80s also in the television series.

This duo is destined to grow and I think they will be more and more successful.

We! is Bromsen’s Single Out Now!


We! is Bromsen’s Single Out Now

The Berlin based Indietronic duo Bromsen, founded 2021 by Richard and Karlo Bromsen are in love with catchy melodies, framed by synthwave and guitar elements.

Their third single “We!” celebrates the unshakable power of friendship. We know each other for 20 years now and our friendship has helped us through many low blows in life. A deep friendship will carry you through all these weeds and often you emerge even stronger afterwards feeling free like a bird again who wants to fly higher and higher as described in the song…

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