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Weeping Willow is Jack Lillian’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Jack Lillian and her single Weeping Willow.

Weeping Willow is Jack Lillian’s Single Out Now

I loved everything about Jack Lillian’s artistic vision.

A compositional approach that winks at the 90s… surely Alice in Chains is a big inspiration for this artist.

The melodic line is ethereal and psychedelic and manages to make you fly away with your imagination. Jack Lillian’s voice is hypnotic and intense. Weeping Willow’s melodic line is fantastic and the lyrics are a poem.

Jack Lillian does everything by herself, plays, and records and this makes her work even more appreciable.

We are faced with a great artist with a solid and mature musical vision that makes her stand out from the crowd.

Jack Lillian isn’t afraid to show herself for who she is. Her music is sincere and therefore speaks to the heart of the listener.

Go and listen to hers songs, it’s worth it!

Weeping Willow is Jack Lillian’s Single Out Now!

Intense and Epic!

Weeping Willow is Jack Lillian’s Single Out Now

“Intense.” That word used to be a bad thing. Once used to put this artist down, Jack Lillian is reclaiming all the bad labels stuck on her and artfully repurposing their elements into her psych-fueled desert grunge rock. And this music is, if anything, intense.

With roots in riot grrrl/post-grunge (Novicain Road) and post-rock/nu-metal (Zippermouth), and mixing that all together with an upbringing of classic rock and folk, you get a strange tincture of bittersweet dichotomous sounds. To juxtaposition soft, lush chord-driven tunes with heavy, fuzzed-out, riffs; glued together with searing melodies and seismic vocals; well, this is just what comes naturally to her.

So if you find yourself listening to this music today, don’t hesitate to bite off a chunk of that intensity and let it wash you into the junkyard of Jack Lillian.

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