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Welcome to the Hell is Nasmore’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Welcome to the Hell is the new single by Nasmore are you ready for this journey to the underworld?

Welcome to the Hell is Nasmore’s Single

The collaboration between Nasmore and Neil Taylor (vocals, guitar) and La Strange (vocals) is really successful.

As soon as I pressed the play button I felt like I was watching a Broadway musical dedicated to Beelzebub.

Surely the title perfectly describes the vibes of this song. It makes fire pass before your eyes and you see a red color so intense that it manages to dazzle you.

I really liked the guitar solo that has Middle Eastern overtones that emphasize even more the gothic and dark atmosphere of this tune.

The voices and choirs are magical and the rhythmic cadence is intense. While listening to Welcome to Hell I felt like I was participating in an occult ritual.

Nasmore lets us start 2023 with a spooky twist that will be able to mesmerize you.

Welcome to the Hell is Nasmore’s Single is Out Now!

Unique and Intense!

Welcome to the Hell is Nasmore’s Single

Some songs make you cry and some songs you just skip forward, and then there are songs that consume you totally and drag your mind to travel dark places. Hell, for example. Hope this is one of them.

This track is a collaboration between nasmore and two amazing artists: Neil Taylor (vocals, guitar) & La Strange (vocals). There is so much chemistry going on here, and the emotional impact that drives “Welcome to the Hell” is absolutely undeniable.

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