Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | What do you mean when you say...? is Close But No Cigar's Single
What do you mean when you say…? is Close But No Cigar’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is Close But No Cigar and their single What do you mean when you say…?

What do you mean when you say…? is Close But No Cigar’s Single

The guitar riff immediately struck me. Just Fantastic.

The direct and sincere sound of this band is truly intriguing.

Singer Filippo’s voice is fantastic. A unique vocal timbre that in some moments made me think of Matt Bellamy of Muse. However, I must add that the passionate and sometimes theatrical interpretation makes him stand out from the crowd.

Close But No Cigar is a great band. I became a fan instantly!

These guys know how to play, the chord progression is intricate and the rhythmic and melodic variations keep you glued to the speakers from the first to the last second.

The influences that inspire their music are many, there are Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, The Clash…but Close But No Cigar managed to create their own sound blend.

It is evident that they spend a lot of time in the rehearsal room to achieve this enviable musical alchemy.

Spotify curators sleep as usual…how can a band like this not already have millions of plays?

Close But No Cigar are the real deal, go and listen to them, it’s worth it.

What do you mean when you say…? is Close But No Cigar’s Single Out Now!


What do you mean when you say…? is Close But No Cigar’s Single

The expression “Close But No Cigar” is used to indicate someone being close to achieving something but not quite getting to the goal (the cigar has not been lit up yet). In the same way, the band’s main goal is to evolve and develop without ever reaching perfection.

Filippo is the lead singer, his mischief fellow Alberto is the guitarist, lovely Gaia at the guitar and bass, and geek Giulio on the drums.

With their music, they strive to combine the 70’ hard rock with modern rock music of bands such as Nothing But Thieves, Royal Blood and Biffy Clyro.

The first EP “The Dance of Venus” was published in 2021. A combination of powerful rock riffs with “dreamy” and “spatial” ambient sounds marked their debut record.

By the end of 2022 the band released Tokyo, their first single in almost a year. This raw and energetic garage rock tune reflects on the struggles society poses us.

WDOMWS expresses the disappointment in the shallowness of society towards the historical moment we’re going through. We’re overwhelmed with wars, cataclysms, climate change, droughts, hate and so much more… To ease our minds we’ve fed ourselves with the junk we call gossip influencers and so on. We do not care if people are dying under a bomb or if in 50 years we won’t have any water left After all, if we don’t see it it’s none of our concern, right?”.

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