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What I Wish I Had Said is Alec Berlin’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Alec Berlin is back with the Album What I Wish I Had Said and here is what I think about it.

What I Wish I Had Said is Alec Berlin’s Album

The music of this artist makes you breathe a sigh of relief. He transfers positive vibes and above all, he manages to free your head from bad thoughts.

These epic melodies give moments of joy. The creativity of this artist is undeniable and his musical knowledge allows him to have no compositional barriers.

Sometimes his songs lead you to think about the 80s while at other times you feel transported to the future.

Alec Berlin’s musical journey has no destination and like a vagabond, he follows his instinct which always leads him to know different places.

The great artistic vision and compositional coherence allow this artist not to get lost and to maintain a common thread that makes What I Wish I Had Said a solid and mature album.

An artist who always manages to raise the bar and amaze the listener.

What I Wish I Had Said is Alec Berlin’s Album Out Now!


What I Wish I Had Said is Alec Berlin’s Album

“What I Wish I Had Said” bounces along through a few different grooves and lots of different sounds, creating a multi-dimensional listening experience that will encourage you to say “I love you”.

Alec Berlin has found his center.

After more than two decades as an in-demand sideman on stages and in studios of all sizes, Berlin has made an album that combines his love of concise pop-rock songwriting with his expertise as a guitarist to make a record that celebrates both.

Berlin describes Space Punk and Other Junk, his fourth release, as “instrumental singer-songwriter music. These songs speak the vernacular of tight rock and pop composition, so you’d expect them to have words. But it’s instrumental music.”

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