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What We Leave is The Disarmed’s Album | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured Band is The Disarmed and their Album What We Leave.

What We Leave is The Disarmed’s Album | Indie Music

The sound of this band is fantastic, in their music there is everything I am looking for.

These songs are epic and powerful, and the musical understanding between these guys is enviable, you can feel that The Disarmed have spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room.

As soon as you hit the play button you can hear the influences of the 90s and bands like Alice in Chains come to mind. However, they sound modern at the same time.

The rhythm section is precise and the bass follows the rhythmic patterns of the drums like a shadow. The vocal timbre is low and brings with it a veil of nostalgia. The interpretation is solid and intense and supports the melody of these beautiful songs very well.

All the tunes on this album are solid and epic, What We Leave is a wild ride. The production is professional. Honestly, I have not found any flaws in this musical project.

The Disarmed are a band that will be able to get noticed and will stand out from the crowd. The sacred fire of rock burns in the souls of these guys.

What We Leave is The Disarmed’s Album Out Now!

Intense and Mature!

What We Leave is The Disarmed’s Album | Indie Music

Bobby Koiman-Guitar and Lead Vocals Doug Hair-Bass Zach Dresch-Drums Morgan Harris-Guitar.

Bobby, Doug, and Zack all met in college in Sioux Falls and started the band in 2013. Morgan joined the band after answering a Facebook group post saying that the Disarmed were looking for a new guitarist in 2020.

The Disarmed have brought their unique sound of yesteryear with fresh, youthful energy. Influenced by greats such as Iron Maiden, Alice Chains, and Soundgarden. This grunge revival group melds the aggressive, powerful, and soaring vocals of Bobby Kooiman, the precision and hard-hitting drums of Zach Dresch, the unique tone and attack of Doug Hair’s bass, and the fresh influence of new guitarist Morgan Harris.

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