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What You Have is Spyderhuff’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Spyderhuff are unstoppable and this time they will entertain us with a psychedelic tune titled “What You Have”.

What You Have is Spyderhuff’s Single | Indie Music

The first guitar chord with that acid and distorted sound immediately opened a gate in my soul.

This is followed by a metal riff that pushed my arm upward with the horns pointed towards the sky.

Spyderhuff’s ability to mix various genres and create a unique sonic blend is truly fascinating.

The harmonica and the vocal interpretation reminded me of legendary songwriters like Bob Dylan but then the guitars take you completely to another hard rock universe.

It is very difficult to create a coherent musical design when using so many elements, but Spyderhuff succeeds in this arduous undertaking.

What You Have is a beautiful, experimental, and innovative song that demonstrates the unlimited compositional skills of this band.

10 out of 10!

What You Have is Spyderhuff’s Single Out Now!

Powerful and Intense!

What You Have is Spyderhuff’s Single | Indie Music

“What You Have” is the new single by Spyderhuff. This is the fourth in the SIN7 series about the Seven Deadly Sins. Featuring Tom Kuhr (lead spoken word, guitar, harmonica, synth), Don Beyer (bass), Tony Mitchell (bongos, vocals), Joey Gaydos (guitar, composition), Julie Noe (vocals), Jim Dooley (drums), and Janet Swanson (Lyrics).

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