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When Will I Learn is Nasmore’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Nasmore is back with a new song. Are you ready to face this intense experience?

When Will I Learn is Nasmore’s Single | Indie Music

This new track from Nasmore is epic!

Perhaps in some moments the voice and the melodic line reminded me of Bon Jovi. An intense rock that manages to give birth to images of distant memories before your eyes.

Do you remember the scene of Silvester Stallone when in Rocky 3, not knowing who he was anymore, he decides to drive aimlessly around the city. Try to think for a moment if there was this song as the soundtrack of that scene … absolutely perfect in my opinion.

When Will I Learn is a vigorous song that can deeply touch the listener.

Another time Nasmore demonstrates his great qualities. His artistic vision is solid and his artistic taste is very developed.

He was able to give me another great moment of music.

When Will I Learn is Nasmore’s Single Out Now!


When Will I Learn is Nasmore’s Single | Indie Music

The ever-collaborative methods of artist/producer nasmore and his chameleon-esque approach to the art of making music have seen his songs find incredible success in a stunning variety of different styles over the course of the past year. As he surges into 2022, he’s returned with a slice of Stadium Rock.

Recently, nasmore had struck gold when working with vocalist Cris Hodges, carving out a series of unique epics, but on his new single, he’s pushed the partnership even further, adding to their winning formula with the howling guitar of Neil Taylor. A former member of new wave legends ‘Tears for Fears’ and Robbie Williams band, and a long-term collaborator with stars like Tina Turner, Chris De Bourgh, and Natalie Imbruglia, Neil wastes little time in making his contribution to the new song heard, lashing out with fierce guitar licks that perfectly mingle with Cris’ rough, expressive vocals.

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