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Will Smith and Chris Rock America Ouch!

We’ve all seen what happened at the 2022 Oscars. Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock made everyone jump on the chair.

Will Smith and Chris Rock America Ouch!

For once, the sleek and highly controlled Oscars routine has been ruined by this unpleasant twist.

I don’t deny that at first, I thought it was all staged. Also because Will Smith slaps Chris Rock in a very strange way that feels more like an actor’s move. Even the camera that shoots from behind seemed to be wisely directed to give the perspective that is generally used for action scenes in movies. Plus when Will turns around has a wry smile that honestly doesn’t make him look very angry.

However, these are only suppositions because only a few know the truth. Whether it was staged or not, this slap was a matter of debate.

In my opinion, once more we should realize that the stars we admire so much are actually normal human beings. Many of them even with little intelligence and talent but lucky enough to live in a golden world.

The constant decline of Hollywood has manifested itself once more. The foolish talk of the actors when they take the precious awards in their hands is often embarrassing.

Will Smith after just slapping a colleague said that God gave him a mission to bring love to the world. Either God got the wrong messenger or Will Smith didn’t get the message. Since God is infallible, I leave it to you to understand who made a mistake.

2022’s Oscars are the emblem of the cultural difficulties that America is experiencing right now. Opulence, as in the Roman Empire in the past, is the primary cause of social degradation that will lead to the decline of the American empire. The same problem had led to the disintegration of Rome which lasted more than 1000 years. U.S.A empire is only 150 years old but it is unlikely to reach 200 as China is already taking over.

Will Smith and Chris Rock America Ouch!

America, which in my opinion is a nation founded on war, has once again demonstrated its great contradictions. Will Smith with his behavior seems like Biden who says he is exporting democracy by sending weapons to Ukraine or Bush who wanted to free the people from the dictator Saddam with the destruction of Iraq. He just admitted that it was a lie in this video.

All of this obviously makes no sense. America should begin to solve its internal problems and should be more honest with itself. Hundreds of people die from guns every month. The only country in the world living ina constant carnage and nobody does anything. In fact, people want to keep their dangerous toys because the second amendment allows them to. And the dead children died in vain because everyone justifies themselves with ridiculous excuses.

As in the film the Gladiator… “there was a dream that was Rome and now that dream is gone“, so America must realize that is making a fool of itself every day more and more in the eyes of the world.

I hope that the American brothers will understand their mistakes because we all love this nation that in the past made us dream so much.

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