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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Winchester 7 & the Runners

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Winchester 7 & the Runners, I discovered this Band on Youtube, and instantly liked the vintage vibes of their songs.

This band offers us a fresh music that winks to past times when the colors of the world were different and when people were freer.

An old Mustang convertible running down Sunset Boulevard towards Santa Monica with a surfboard loaded in the back. This is the image that comes to my mind while listening to this band’s music.

A sincere sound played very well by these guys.

Past sounds that are mixed with more modern arrangements. The mix is very well done leaving the right space for each sound element.

The voice has a particular charm, with that timbre of the 70’s that can immediately distinguish the sound of the Winchester 7 & the Runners.

Never predictable melodies that show a very high attention to the nuances and a chord progression never banal.

Music for sunny days, for those days at the beach but without hiding a nostalgic vein that I liked very much.

Argos Holiday  is Winchester 7 & the Runners’ EP Out Now!

Modern music from another time!


When Phil Voorhees (bass) and Jack Kane (drums) decided to pull a runner, they didn’t expect that the one to come after them would be Winchester 7 (vocals, ukulele).  None of them imagined that when their paths finally crossed, a few bass notes and halting drum beat would be met with a rocking ukulele reply, vocal harmony, and…music.

Together, Winchester 7 & the Runners, have since found that a forgotten world, beyond the dome welcomes their music and films even as their friendship grows.

Out of Atlanta, Georgia-based (home to Winchester 7), Sanctuary Studio; though runners, Voorhees now resides in Amsterdam and Kane is itinerant within the United Kingdom; the trio deliver their unique blend of indie garage rock with alternative, classic, and surf influences.

Find Winchester 7 & the Runners Here:



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