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Wings is Sweet Imperfections’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is Sweet Imperfections and her single Wings.

Wings is Sweet Imperfections’s Single

The first thing that struck me about this artist is her magical voice that hypnotized me as the mermaids did with Ulysses during his Odyssey.

In some moments the vocal timbre and the interpretation reminded me of Tori Amos.

You can feel that Sweet Imperfections had many life experiences and these memories and emotions ooze from her music.

An artist who seems to hide a secret. Her angelic voice has nuances of ancestral nostalgia which is the inspiring fire that allows her to compose these beautiful songs.

Wings is a moving, delicate, sweet tune, this melody manages to make you fly as it makes your soul lighter.

As I was listening to it, I closed my eyes and imagined myself flying with the herons into the sunset over the Pacific coast.

This artist is already quite successful but I think we are only at the beginning … her future is bright.

With such a voice, there are no limits, Sweet Imperfections already has her wings and is already flying.

Wings is Sweet Imperfections’ Single Out Now!

Inspiring and Magical!

Wings is Sweet Imperfections’s Single

Sweet Imperfections is led by singer songwriter Bri Schillings and a collective of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers. From a child Bri was drawn to music early, feeling the connectivity and energy between nature and sound. Following this magnetic pull, she found herself picking out melodies she had heard on different instruments and remembers feeling that awe and magic, as if she had unlocked a secret door to a magical world where she felt safe, understood, beautiful, inspired, and where she learned what love was.

Her relationship continued to bloom, she explored any instrument she could and found each instrument had its own voice and would write its own song. She loves sitting down with music and saying ”Let’s go on an adventure’ and let heart, hands and voice flow”.

Find Sweet Imperfections Here:


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