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Witch on the Corner is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
another rock ride with a rhythmic cadence that makes you want to march like the Marines.

Witch on the Corner is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

The guitar sound is so scratchy that it reminds me of an angry cat. The main riff of Witch on the Corner is truly infectious and catchy.

I really liked this song. At minute 2.35 the lead guitar enters with a sound that seems to make fun of you and there is a harmonica cameo… what brilliant intuitions.

Even the male voice surprises you at the end, unexpected but perfect for an outro to remember.

The Margaret Hooligans as usual let themselves go with the flow of music. Their kaleidoscopic personalities are revealed in their songs. There are no rules but only creativity and instinct.

I liked Witch on the Corner a lot. This is another great track of this fantastic duo.

Witch on the Corner is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now!


“Witch on the Corner” is our fourth single release from our upcoming album Saturday Night in Bartertown. “Witch on the Corner” is a slide blues powerhouse, a song loosely based on a biographical tale of gentrification wrapped up in family myth. It tells the story of a disgruntled woman who views newcomers as foes until she meets the one that has her number. Featuring hypnotic slide blues riffs, harmonica fills, Robert Plant like vocals, and Strontium’s signature powerful drumming, “Witch on the Corner” is a single to prove that The Margaret Hooligans can crossover into other genres with ease while retaining their distinctive sound.”


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