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With You is Chris St John’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Chris St John’s “With You” isn’t just an EP, it’s a soul-stirring odyssey through the American tapestry.

With You is Chris St John’s Ep Out Now

Forget polished pop, this is raw, emotive Americana at its finest. St John’s voice – weathered yet warm – becomes your guide, drawing you into his world with lyrics that resonate like whispered truths.

Each track feels like a brushstroke on a canvas, painted with the vibrant hues of life. The music is infused with the purity of resonating guitars, their every strum evoking imagery of sun-drenched fields and dusty backroads.

It’s a sound nostalgic and hopeful, capturing the essence of springtime renewal and the enduring spirit of America.

But the true magic lies in St John’s storytelling. He lays bare his emotions with unyielding honesty, crafting melodies that burrow deep into your soul.

It’s like peeking into a hidden journal, each song uncovering a piece of his vulnerability, his joy, his struggles. You can’t help but connect, sharing his laughter and tears as the narrative unfolds.

Listening to “With You” is like losing yourself in a heartfelt film about small-town dreams and everyday heroes.

It’s an experience that lingers long after the final note fades. This isn’t just an album, it’s a companion, a reminder that even in the chaos, genuine connection and powerful emotions can illuminate the way.

With You is Chris St John’s Ep Out Now!


Produced and mixed by Michael Spriggs, the EP was engineered by Dave Hagan and cut at Darkhorse Studios in Franklin TN for HALO Records, with some of Music City’s most renowned session musicians James Mitchell, Alison Prestwood, Molly Cherryholmes, Dane Bryant, Steve Hinson, Wayne Killius and Steve Brewster.

Musician Chris St. John has had 5 number one hits on the World and European Indie charts, and several other top ten hits over the past several years. Chris was recently nominated and accepted for Grammy consideration for his album “Fly Away”, for best Americana album, and “Lost Without Your Love”, for best pop song; both earlier in 2023.

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