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Wuss (feat. Ada Nike) is Snakedoctors’ Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Snakedoctors are back again with a new song and collaboration, this time with Ada Nike.

Wuss (feat. Ada Nike) is Snakedoctors’ Single | Indie Music

This song is a little bit more acidic and direct.

I really liked the sound created by the male and female voices. Two vocal timbres that blend well together and manage to give the right energy to the song.

What I like most about Snakedoctors’ music is that their sound is sincere with no strings attached. 80s punk and grunge shades mixed to perfection to create a unique sound.

The solo around 3 minutes is fantastic and resonated in my unconscious making me dream.

The song is accompanied by a very cool video, an animation where the girl refuses all men who want to win her heart.

The Snakedoctors never cease to amaze and always manage to entertain the listener with their beautiful songs.

Wuss (feat. Ada Nike) is Snakedoctors’ Single Out Now!

Direct and Cool!

Wuss (feat. Ada Nike) is Snakedoctors’ Single | Indie Music

“Wuss” is the 4th single promoting Snakedoctors 4th album „Four and a half”. There are two versions of that song on that double CD album. There’s radio version on red cd, mixed by Matt’a Gerhard’a at his studio in Austin, TX known for his work with Spoon and mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin at Metropolis Studios in London and the other one – more on a grunge side from the black cd. For the single release band members selected an alternative version that features Ada Nike.

Ada is a talented vocalist, guitar player and photographer living in their city of Gdansk, PL. They already co-operated on “Girl With Sponges” video which features Ada. This version was mixed and mastered by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio also in Gdansk, PL. It’s a song about a guy who instead of using the opportunities that arrive – focuses on everything but those opportunities.

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