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Year Of The Fist’s Single ‘I Want Your Love’ is Out

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Year Of The Fist. The Label DCxPC Live has just released a new Single of this cool band called “I Want Your Love” (live).

Another burst of energy, the one you need to face a new day in this jungle with the right determination.

Every time I hear this music I breathe a sigh of relief because it doesn’t make me feel alone and I know that around the world there are brothers who see music as I do.

Music must be passionate… free artistic expression. Must be sincere and direct like the music of Year Of The Fist.

I pumped up the volume of the speakers to the maximum and I raised my middle finger to the sky while screaming ‘I want your love’.

The neighbor knocked on the wall to tell me to make less noise but I ignored him because certain moments must be lived at full speed without useless social rules.

“I Want Your Love” (Live) Single is Out Now! And You Can Order It Here 👇:


Real and Irreverent!


This is the 2nd single off of DCxPC Live Vol. 4 Presents Year of the Fist Live at the Ivy Room. 50% of the 7″ have already sold out either by the band on tour to and from The Fest in Gainesville, FL or via mail order via www.dcxpclive.com

YOTF bring their combination of punk, grunge and metal with a dose of Riot Grrrl to a boil in this uncompromising live set! This is music for fans of multiple genres, and the energy of their performance reminds us why live music is so vital!

Find Year Of The Fist Here:


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