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Get Vaccinated In Dracula’s Castle

Is Count Dracula becoming a good person?

Whether it is a marketing gimmick or an awareness-raising effort, it makes little difference. Dracula’s Castle in Romania is added to the list of places where it is possible to get vaccinated in the world. All true, visitors will be injected with the Pfizer vaccine.

Get Vaccinated In Dracula’s Castle

Instead of being impaled, you will be vaccinated.

The decidedly unusual initiative must also be contextualized. Romania is in fact among the nations where the population is most reluctant to get vaccinated, so much so that so far only 3.6 million citizens have received the first dose and the goal of vaccinating 10 million by September to achieve herd immunity seems difficult to center.

Thus, in Bran Castle, this is the original name of the historic residence in which Bram Stoker has set his novel on Count Dracula, for all the weekends of May (but if the adhesions are massive, the period will be extended for another three months) you can receive Pfizer vaccine without reservations. In addition, free access to the exhibition of medieval torture tools is provided.

Unlike many other examples of nations that use the possibility of vaccinating to attract tourism, therefore, the initiative of Dracula’s castle in the Carpathians is aimed above all at the Romanians themselves, relying on the picturesque aspect to undermine the aura of creeping skepticism on the Romanian vaccination campaign that is still struggling to get up to speed.

Get Vaccinated In Dracula’s Castle

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