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Young Heart is Well-Known Pix’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,

Young Heart is the new single of the Well-Known Pix. I love this band and I want to share my opinion about this new song.

The guitar riff won me over immediately. That repetitive melody took me to the Sahara desert and for some strange reason, I felt free among the dunes.

This new single is truly fantastic and literally makes you fly with your fantasy.

I imagined myself driving an off-road vehicle in the desert with the warm wind caressing my hair and in the distance a luminous oasis was my goal.

This airy, dreamy and nostalgic music carries with it an ancestral message of freedom and the desire to travel and wander around the world.

This song is a hit, it has all the elements to be loved by the masses and I wish this to Well-Known Pix because they deserve it.

Young Heart is Well-Known Pix’s Single Out Now!

Nostalgic and Dreamy!


“Young Heart” is the new single by the German alternative/indie band “well-known pix”. The four boys establish a powerful new sound in their discography with this driving anthem. After “The River” and “Shout”, the band now ventures into a more classic indie style with a biting guitar riff carried by a driving bass and catchy piano rhythm.


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