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You’ve Been On My Mind is Blake Collins’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Blake Collins is back with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

You’ve Been On My Mind is Blake Collins’ Single

The vintage sound of this artist had already struck me the first time I listened to his music.

Blake Collins has managed to create a nostalgic and refined sonic blend that literally transports you to another dimension.

While listening to You’ve Been On My Mind, I imagined myself driving a motorcycle through the endless American roads. This music makes you feel free. The melody of this song lifts your spirits and makes you forget your everyday problems.

There is a lot of positivity in Blake Collins’ music and I think this ‘look to the past’ is therapeutic since this is a very difficult time for the world. Knowing that past generations had been able to get up after troubled times gives us the strength to move forward.

This music will never go out of fashion because speaks about genuine and true emotions. This artist is a solid exponent of this genre and his compositional talent has nothing to envy from the artists who preceded him.

You’ve Been On My Mind is Blake Collins’ Single Out Now!


You’ve Been On My Mind is Blake Collins’ Single

” ‘You’ve Been On My Mind’ is a high-energy rocker about romantic longing and a sonic kick to the face that will have listeners dancing non-stop to the bopping bass, crunchy guitars and lush stacked vocal harmonies that recall a golden era of rock & roll music. With its blistering lead guitar solo in the bridge, this is one to listen to on high volume — crank it up!”

Blake Collins is an American-British indie rock singer-songwriter with poetic lyrics, impassioned vocals, and an honest, emotive performance often compared to bands like The Beatles, The Kinks and The Beach Boys, as well as solo artists like Emitt Rhodes and Harry Nilsson. He writes his music from an intimate and personal perspective, crafting engaging narratives with catchy melodies, lush harmonies and memorable hooks to achieve pop perfection that speaks to universal emotion and experience.

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