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Zerotime is Matthew Cobis’ Album | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Matthew Cobis even if he has recently started making music, already has a great repertoire behind him which counts 5 albums. Zerotime demonstrates the infinite creativity of this artist.

Zerotime is Matthew Cobis’ Album | Indie Music

This artist is an innovator. His artistic vision knows no bounds.

I really like when an artist is so free on a creative level. It’s as if Matthew Cobis is on a playground experimenting on every ride.

Rock and hard rock are definitely part of his background as almost all the songs on Zerotime are powerful and interspersed with epic guitar riffs with industrial arrangements.

On the other hand in the album, you can also find tunes like Rippin’ that are introspective and reflective.

The common line that unites all these tunes is an aura of mystery that seems to hide an ancestral secret.

Matthew Cobis has a unique vision and courageously follows his instincts. A talented artist who produces very interesting music.

Zerotime is Matthew Cobis’ Album Out Now!

Industrial end Epic!

Zerotime is Matthew Cobis’ Album | Indie Music

Quote: I grew up in Brockton Mass loving Cyprus Hill, Tu-Pac, Biggie and the Beasties as much as I love Metallica (Pre Black Album), NoFX, Bad Religion and The Dead Kennedys. The first time I heard Rage Against the Machine it blew my mind. I think you’ll hear that influence come through on this album. This is my hard running, knuckle busting, kick ass album. Bold and innovative, I feel it breathes life into metal/rock at the time it needs it.
I just started making music a year ago at age 42. So far I’ve released 5 albums. So If ZEROTIME is my Yang to ‘Chaotic Good”s Yin. (Other album I just dropped) The third ‘BlackStar’ is an amalgamation of the two. 

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