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Scars is 23 Fields’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
23 Fields’ “Scars” is a deep ballad that takes the listener on a journey through the depths of human emotion.

Scars is 23 Fields’ Single Out Now

The song opens with an engaging rhythm and a melody that evokes memories of bands like The Police and Noir Desir.

The band has crafted a nostalgic track that has the power to stir strong emotions within the listener’s soul.

The hypnotic cadence and refined vocal performance are charming, drawing the listener into the song’s intimate world.

The piano line, which delicately dances around the melody like raindrops falling into a puddle, adds a layer of depth and emotion. “Scars” is an introspective song that evokes goosebumps with the intensity of the emotions it conveys.

The minimalist arrangements showcase the band’s refined artistic taste and compositional experience.

They strip away the superfluous, leaving only the essential elements that carry the weight of the song’s emotional core.

Scars is 23 Fields’ Single Out Now!


Scars is 23 Fields’ Single Out Now

3 Fields – An alternative folk sound about love, life and nonsense from politically driven anger to sensitive songs about family and lost love ones. Songs written, played and sung from the heart.

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