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Sugar For The Flies is Audri’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Audri’s EP “Sugar For The Flies” is a testament to her exceptional and visionary musical talents.

Sugar For The Flies is Audri’s Ep Out Now

Her music possesses a haunting quality that is both distinctive and alluring, making her an artist with a truly unique musical vision.

One of Audri’s notable strengths is her ability to craft intricate chord progressions and original melodic lines that leave a lasting impression. These elements serve as a signature trademark of her artistry, setting her apart in the music industry.

Audri’s expressive voice is undoubtedly a highlight of the EP. Her vocal delivery is not only emotive but also incredibly captivating, keeping the listener hooked throughout the entire duration of the record.

This ability to convey emotion through her singing adds depth and authenticity to her music.

The alternative rock vibes present in Audri’s EP provide a refreshing and edgy dimension to her sound.

It’s clear that she has a knack for blending different musical elements to create a unique sonic landscape that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

The success Audri has achieved on Spotify is well-deserved, as her talent and creativity shine brightly in “Sugar For The Flies.”

It’s evident that she has a promising future in the music industry, and her EP is a testament to the exciting journey ahead for this talented artist.

Sugar For The Flies is Audri’s Ep Out Now!

Unique and Magical!

Sugar For The Flies is Audri’s Ep Out Now

“Sugar For The Flies” is Audri’s 5th EP. Since 2020, her music has accumulated over 1.7 million streams on Spotify. This EP will be her biggest project to date. It is more rock focused, so the sound is grander than ever. On her track “Sensational”, there is a full orchestra that was all done with organic strings.

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