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Austin is Jesse Lynn Madera’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jesse Lynn Madera’s single “Austin” is a fantastic showcase of her unique vocal skills and undeniable talent.

Austin is Jesse Lynn Madera’s Single Out Now

Right from the start, the distinctive timbre of her voice grabs your attention, carrying a wealth of passion and life experiences.

The deep and at times hoarse delivery adds a raw and authentic quality to her performance, creating a connection with the listener. Madera is surely an artist with a lot of experience.

The emotional intensity she brings to “Austin” is palpable, making the song more than just a musical experience, it becomes a journey through the artist’s soul.

The single itself, “Austin,” is a cool rock ballad that embodies the quintessential American style. This track inspires you, making you envision a road trip along the endless American roads.

The production of the single is fantastic, with a great arrangement that complements Madera’s vocals. The instrumentation captures the essence of a classic rock ballad, with a balance of energy and emotion.

The result is a masterfully crafted piece that not only showcases Madera’s vocal talent but also highlights her ability to create high-quality music.

Austin is Jesse Lynn Madera’s Single Out Now!


Jesse Lynn Madera is a versatile singer-songwriter blending pop, folk, blues, Americana, and jazz in her piano-driven music. Her vocals shift effortlessly across genres, from powerful and haunting to light and whimsical. Born in West Virginia, her musical journey started early, influenced by self-taught musician grandparents. She developed her rich interior world through cross-country moves during her childhood, leading to early songwriting.

After graduating from high school, Jesse pursued acting and music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She eventually moved to Los Angeles, where she continued writing and released her acclaimed debut album, “Fortunes,” in 2020, showcasing her captivating string arrangements and Cohen-esque lyrical storytelling. Jesse’s live performances, whether solo or with her band, have garnered a devoted following in Los Angeles and New York City. She now resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons, continuing to create music across many genres.

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