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Beauty Queen is Trummerkind’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Trummerkind, the enigmatic musical ensemble known for their unapologetically theatrical style, has once again shattered expectations with their latest single, “Beauty Queen.”

Beauty Queen is Trummerkind’s Single Out Now

A composition that exudes an air of grandiosity and intensity, “Beauty Queen” is a musical tour de force that captivates listeners from the very first note.

This cinematic piece is nothing short of a modern-day opera, a dark exploration of the twisted underbelly that lies beneath society’s obsession with success and glamour.

From the opening strains of the haunting overture, “Beauty Queen” immediately establishes a sense of tension and foreboding.

As the song progresses, the layers of instrumentation create a swirling maelstrom of sound, perfectly mirroring the chaotic and convoluted world the lyrics delve into.

Front and center in this theatrical tableau is the commanding lead vocalist. Her voice effortlessly navigates the intricate melody, soaring to incredible heights while infusing each line with a palpable sense of emotion.

The vocals weave a tale of paranoia and disillusionment, recounting the dark realities hidden behind the facade of success and beauty. The lyrics cut through the societal veneer, exposing the toxic lie that fuels the hunger for fame and adoration.

The rhythm of “Beauty Queen” is a labyrinthine journey, intriguing and unpredictable. It pulses with a heartbeat-like cadence, drawing the listener in and refusing to let go.

The dynamic shifts keep the listener on the edge of their seat, amplifying the overall sense of unease that permeates the piece.

This single is a bold and unflinching exploration of the human psyche, a true testament to the power of music to both entertain and provoke thought.

Beauty Queen is Trummerkind’s Single Out Now!


Beauty Queen is Trummerkind’s Single Out Now

Trummerkind’s latest release, “Beauty Queen.” is a track that delves into the dark underbelly of the relentless pursuit for success, as it follows the harrowing tale of Star, a young girl indoctrinated into the world of child pageantry.

Trummerkind are an Alt Punk Band from the UK.
Front Person Rowen Silvester a Brighton based singer songwriter, musician & artist, originally formed the band Trummerkind in Exeter Devon as a visual art piece.
With the addition of their father Robert Silvester, an experimental drummer & vocalist & Oli Sturdy, a musician & sound engineer on guitar they created a Digital Post Punk band that is fast becoming a must see & hear act.

Their songs are comprised of complex digital backing tracks, hypnotic guitar riffs, refined drums, heavy bass lines & unapologetic lyrics.

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